17 things you can do while in lockdown

We are stranded at home with the announcement of lockdown in the country after so many months of having heard of viruses in the world and the country. Suddenly the busy days came to halt within the four walls of our house and a few away from home. It feels so weird to be home and have so much time for oneself. I know we never thought that we would have so much for oneself and moreover, in this pandemic, our thoughts are mostly over the positive cases and the number of rations in the stock. Worries, anxiety, frustration, and anger are all that we are experiencing in the face of what is happening in the country. On the contrary, it gave us so much time for ourselves and for the family to spend together. Still then if you are stuck as to what to do, here are 17 things you can do while in lockdown.

Read! Read! and Read!

Do you have one book which you always wanted to read but you were always busy at work and had no time? Now is the right time to read. The reading helps in keeping us occupied and our brains activated.

I am starting with emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman and next on the stack, I have the gift of therapy: an open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients by Irvin D. Yalom for now. If you have children at home who are school-going and stuck at home allow them to read for an hour or read together.

Do exercise

It's important to take care of our physical as well as mental well-being when we are inside. There are many exercises that we can do while we are inside like body weight lifting, pilates, yoga, and other forms of exercises like Zumba and many more. I have come across a youtube blogger who creates video content on the workout. The channel name is known by Chloe Ting and it is popular and the workout tips are worth trying out. I have embedded one of her workout videos for reference purposes below.


Improve your cooking skills

How many times have you cooked food in a rush as you were late for work, school, and were never able to upgrade your cooking skills? Now you can have the time and it is time to upgrade your cooking skills. Most of you are having family, amaze your family with new cooking skills, and enjoy the lockdown time with delicious food items.

Organize your wardrobe

You know you have clothes but do you know how disorganized it has been after all the time that you were busy. Now it is time to sort out your clothes and even do a fashion show or for Instagram.

Do some letter writing

Have you ever written a letter to your future self? I remember doing it many years ago but after that, I have never written one. Write your hopes and dreams and open them in the years to come. Here is the time for me.

Video call your family and friends

Don’t forget to call your family and check on them frequently. Everyone is fighting a battle and we never know who is having a difficult time and cheer up yourself by seeing your favorite people’s faces.

Watch Movies

Have difficulty in passing your time at home? The best thing you can do is watch movies or organize a watch party online and watch it with your family.

Start a new hobby

Your hobby before the lockdown was to do outings or hiking but now those activities are restricted, why not start a new hobby. Hobbies such as knitting, painting, reading, or blogging keep you occupied and engaged and also keep you active.

Groom yourself

Do all the pedicures and manicures that you need to do. Learn home remedies to cleanse your skin. Cater to the need for your hair and skin. Make a routine to wash and do some oiling. Take bath regularly. Pamper yourself with love.

Sort out your mobile galleries

As obsessed as I am with photos, my gallery has 1k plus photos and I have never sorted. Now it is time that I do it. Clear my gallery and start a new one again. If your mobile is synced with online storage then make sure to sort it too. Your identity is a precious commodity in the online world.

Follow your routine

Wake up early. Eat your meals on time and get adequate hours of sleep. Important to follow routines as this is going to be your habit soon for an undefined period of time in this pandemic lockdown.

Clean your home

Are you getting bored? Do you want a break from the screen? Just get up and start cleaning your home. It gives you satisfaction as well as creates a conducive environment to stay. Stay clean and healthy.

Keep yourself hydrated

While you are inside, you are going to either get hooked up on social media or on games. It is important to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of fluid. Keeping a good amount of fluid in our body can save us from many diseases.

Pray if you want to

If you have a habit of praying and if it makes you feel fulfilled then continue your habit. Otherwise, develop a habit to pray at least once a day.

Keep yourself updated

It is not good to bombard yourself with lots of information on covid19 but reliable information is important. Know where to get medical services, groceries, and other necessities during this time of uncertainty.

Keep a journal

Write your daily diaries on your journey of lockdown. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and how you have to spend your days. Somedays when all these are over, you will ponder upon and tell stories to future generations.

Watch the video given below if you want to listen to some of the things listed above from our counselor.



I know we are going through rough times but there is always a shining light at the end of the tunnel. Together we can and we will overcome it.

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