Empower the Frontline Workers of COVID-19

Recently I was working for m4m (me for myself) and I was assigned the task of gathering opinions from people about what they feel about the frontliners so that we could empower the frontline workers of covid-19. “Me For Myself” is a youth initiative campaign dedicated to promoting the mental health and well-being of the youth of Asia-Pacific. This campaign aims to bring positivity and create a productive platform for youths. The volunteers are from many countries of Asia -Pacific and have an interest and passion to volunteer and work for mental health.

I and my groupmate Puskar Shrestha from Nepal gathered articles as to how people felt about frontline workers and their mental health. I would like to share two of the articles that we gathered from Bhutan in this post. It is all their opinion and is not intended to harm or hurt anyone.

While the world has been fighting to combat the virus for the past 9 to 10 months and the fight is still continuing. It has affected lives in different ways. The approach has been holistic where everyone is involved in one way or another. However, health workers have been the prominent one who has been directly involved with the positive cases of leaving behind their homes for months. They have been standing strong to serve humanity.

Menuka Timsina is one of the Recent graduates. She was also affected by the pandemic as her results were delayed. As a result, she had to be at home from January till date. Here is what she writes:

COVID-19 is something none of us thought we would have to deal with. Now as it has become a pandemic, everyone has to do their part to keep themselves and others safe. With thousands of positive cases being reported every day, the fear of it spreading in our country has increased. The situation right now requires the nation to come together and actively participate in ensuring the virus doesn’t spread further into the country. Although there are relatively fewer cases in Bhutan, the risk of it spreading persists. In these uncertain times, our frontline workers have sacrificed their own safety and come forward to keep the rest of us safe.

A lot of my relatives as well as my friends are working as frontline workers. There are hundreds of families more whose relatives or friends are fighting this pandemic. We live in fear of their lives every day. But also with pride and respect for all that our frontliners are doing. They risk their lives every day so that we stay safe. We stay home in the comfort and safety of our homes. While the frontliners are out there in the chaos, fighting to keep the nation safe. It’s a very brave thing to be able to put ourselves at risk for the benefit of others. They are sacrificing their safety, health, comfort, sleep, and a lot more. They work for countless hours without rest. The frontliners have come forward and maintained the functioning of the entire nation in uncertain times when the world is fighting against covid-19″.

The sacrifice of the frontline workers for COVID-19

“People need to understand the importance and the sacrifices made by our frontliners. While some have understood the importance of our front liners, some have developed a very negative perception of them. They assume them to be the carriers of the virus and hence have started to discriminate against the frontliners. The long hours of work and the mental strain on the frontliners are clearly seen. We cannot put into words the hardships already faced by frontliners and with people discriminating against them, the struggle will only be increased. People have to support the frontliners so that they are strong emotionally and physically. There isn’t a lot we can do because of the situation but at least we can stop the discrimination and the stigmatization. The emotional welfare of the frontliners should be a priority.

Hats off to all the health workers who are working tirelessly for us and sacrificing their own welfare. We shall pray that they are safe to keep us safe. Thank you for all that you do to make us feel safe. As a graduate with a degree in Physiotherapy, I pledge myself to always help you, the front liners in any possible way and always hold the  gratitude  for  your selfless service.’’

Frontline workers are armies armed with compassion, love, sacrifice, and dedication to serving humanity. They deserve huge respect and love from the people. This is the least we can give to keep them encouraged to win this battle. As everyone is a frontline worker in this uncertain battle that the world is facing in this unprecedented time of ours. Let’s not forget to empower the frontline workers of covid-19.

Message from a far-flung primary health worker to the frontline worker

While My Friend  Srijana Rai who is a health worker herself in the far-flung area of Western Bhutan writes :

“While the Pandemic hits the globe leaving no one behind and with spiking covid cases detected every day. Our Frontliners are our main saviors and then the hero’s in this battle against the evil covid-19. With the high risk of contagious and the fatal consequences imposed, our Frontliners are fighting this battle of life and death for our community, people, and the country. They are compelled to go for this war sacrificing their needs; physical, emotional and psychological, etc. And we the community people are forever in debt for their unwavering service to the nation.

For this battle against COVID-19, our Frontliners need our support and encouragement to win the Battle. we can basically support ourselves by staying at our home, washing hands, regularly use of clean masks, and social distancing measures at a public gathering.

Since the risk of contagion of covid-19 is very high so is the risk imposed on our Frontliners battling for us. They are so vulnerable and pose a risk of community transmission if not taken care of.

So we as the people of one nation, one county. It becomes our responsibility to cooperate with all the health norms and the standard measures made for us to follow back in our community. It’s the best response one community can give back and thanks to our Frontliners for their services. THANK YOU Frontliners !”


With solidarity, we stand for the love of humanity and for the safety of ourselves and our frontliners. Lets us all pledge to be responsible and uphold the name of DRUKPA for the strongest patriotism we have for the country, the king, and the people. Let the effort our king and government have put in flourish with success in the days to come and let’s not forget our GYENKHU to keep ourselves and also empower the frontline workers of COVID-19.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”–Margaret Mead